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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


"Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, hanya Engkau yg kumaksudkan ,keredhaan Mu yg ku tuntut"

"O Allah, YOU are my objective, your redha (gratification / satisfaction / pleasure) is my purpose"

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kembayau Oh Kembayau Part 2

In my previous post I already talked about 'Kembayau'. Today's post still pertaining to Kembayau, but this time I talk briefly on the seed of Kembayau. The first image above is the seed of Kembayau.

The second image is the seed containing the whitish compressed cotyledon that can be eaten. It has a fine flavour crunchy with 'lemak' (fatty taste). I cracked it open using 'parang' (knife). Since the seed has a hard shell, a nutcracker doesn't work on this seed. After cracking it you will find a crunchy greenish nut. Use toothpick to take the nut out of the shell :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kembayau oh Kembayau

To what extent are you familiar with the above fruit? I bet that local people will easily recognize the above fruit. The fruit, locally known as 'Kembayau" (Pronunciation Cam-Ba-Yaw). Kembayau is a fruit only found in Borneo especially Brunei Darussalam which is widely diversify and Kembayau has special affinity to Bruneian. Good quality fruit have oily yellowish look when the outer skin is removed. Like durian that can reap profit, Kembayau has made it way to every 'pasar tamu' or open air stall in Brunei.

The way to consume the fruit is first rinse and then soak it in slightly warm water until it soften. Season with salt or sugar. What does this dark purple fruit taste like? The yellowish flesh taste creamy and according to one blogger he said that after tasting Kembayau for a couple of times it has a fine flavour with a sort of potatoish flavour. If you have the opportunity to visit Brunei, try just one and you will know why the demand for this fruit is so great..:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kampong Air Blog

When it comes to something like exploring the history or just getting to know of 'Kampong Air' (The Water Village) where there are about 39,000 people live in the water village in Brunei, the informative blog about the Water Village is available by visiting http://www.kampungayer.com/ The blog is administered by Ibnu Ikram. He is a photographer based in Bandar Seri Begawan that loves what he does. Not only great as a photographer and videographer, but really good as a person and nice to work with. He is available for photography and videography service for a wedding needs.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Above Picture show " Bekam Kain" that i produce on my own for sinus treatment

In the early stages of the signs that someone is suffering from frequent sinus sneezing especially in the morning or in cold conditions, always cold, itchy and felt something crawling on the face or around the body. Sinus can become chronic if ignored, especially when the nose was clogged, smelly breath, headache or migraine burns, nose bleeding, pain in the hollow cheeks, the base of the nose and forehead, had piles, loss of sense of smell, the eyes became blurred, ears buzz and others ,Sinus in chronic stage happens to women can make the tool difficult women smell, slimy vagina, experienced a fairly severe dandruff on the head, piles and so on.Sinus actually a `silent killer 'that harm individuals through a sinus infection in the consuming of the body and can spread to all parts of the body, especially in wet areas.Sinus also can provide the ill-effects of beauty such as acne on the face of gross and difficult restored.Sinus disease is feel restless and disrupt lives.Chronic sinus can also cause flu in the lump in the cheek until converted into pus, slimy and smelly.

KeIkhlasan hanya untuk mu

"Sesungguhnya sembahyangku, ibadatku, hidupku dan matiku hanyalah kerana Allah Tuhan seru sekellian Alam". Antara maksud yang terkandung dalam doa pembukaan (iftitah). Khat Thuluth di atas aku siapkan mengisi kekosongan pagi Jumaat selepas sarapan pagi :)

"Surely, my prayer, my devotion, my life and my death, belong (solely) to Allah, master of the whole universe" This is the translation of opening word (doa iftitah) which is recited softly after uttering an intention (niat) and pronouncing takbir. The above calligraphy was done this morning.

Antara Vista, MAC dan Linux

Window Vista yang sudah sedia dipasang disetiap PC yang baru dibeli tu,.. membuatkan kita berfikir yang Vista itu dibekalkan secara PERCUMA, pasal.. it comes pre-installed with your new PC. Biasanya, kita sebagai pembeli tak nampak langsung harga yang DITAMBAH untuk harga OS pada PC yang baru tu..Ahaaaa kena ingat tuuu. Itulah yang menyebabkan Linux yang memang FREE 100% itu semacam tak boleh lawan 'KEFREEIAN' Window sebabnya Window dah dipasang pada setiap komputer seakan-akan nampak percuma. Aku di samping pakai Window OS, aku pakai jugak MAC G5,..yang MAC ni plak, masalahnya bukan apa..diorang punya OS tu terlalu 'terikat' sangat dengan hardware ..itu pasal harga MAC ni agak mahal sikit berbanding harga PC.

Setakat tu lah ceramah singkat aku hari ini.

Doa memohon bahagia di dunia dan di akhirat

"Wahai Tuhan kami! Berikanlah kepada kami kebaikan di dunia, dan kebaikan di akhirat dan peliharalah kami dari azab api neraka" (Al-Baqarah ayat 201)

Our Lord! grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire (2:201)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pier during heavy rain

Photograph of pier or walkway during heavy rain at the Belait waterfront recreational area

The aftermath of heavy rain

Flooded road at Kampong Pandan Kuala belait
The nation is currently going through bad weather condition. The Brunei Meterological Service suppose the inclemency of the weather pattern to remain for several more days. Based on the latest weather data and numerical forecast output, it is expected that the ongoing active weather condition may continue throughout the second half of this month.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The open air stalls at Gerai Tudung Saji Kuala Belait

Kuala Belait Market taken from the top (roof top of Gerai Tudung Saji). The market open for business every sunday morning from 6.00 am to 11.00 am

Roof top photoshoot

Roof top photoshoot of Gerai Tudung Saji in Kuala Belait

Monday, January 11, 2010


Jetty area to disembark and reload visitors during a day ride to cruise the bank of Brunei River

Fishing Pond

Amazing view of the fishing pond and its prestine water as well. A beautiful place to enjoy quite moment. Add a rod and reel you have a sensational spot for fishing.

Z'yan Restaurant at low tide

During low tide Mangrove Paradise's land area is exposed to air

Sunday, January 10, 2010

On vacation

A Videographer at the Mangrove's reception

Ready to do a video shooting

It's about 7 am, gearing up for shooting video for a trip to Mangrove Paradise during the recent school holidays.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Apa Istimewanya Internet?

Apa istimewanya Internet? Jawapan yang paling mudah ialah 'komunikasi', Internet memudahkan manusia di planet bumi untuk berhubung dengan manusia lain asalkan mereka sama-sama menggunakan khidmat Internet. Mereka boleh berkomunikasi tentang apa sahaja yang terlintas di fikiran, pada bila-bila masa dan dimana pun jua mereka berada. Memang fitrah manusia suka berceloteh tentang sesuatu, sama ada dalam bentuk penulisan, percakapan, lukisan, imej, isyarat tangan atau pun menggunakan cara paling terkini iaitu diterjemah dalam bentuk gelombang eletronik. Justeru tabii kita sebagai manusia kita perlu untuk menceceh, membebel, berborak, bercakap, omong-omong dan bersembang sesama manusia lainnya. Dan apabila kita tidak berceloteh, lazimnya kita akan berperanan pula menjadi pendengar setia. Tidak pernah sebelum ini kita berpeluang untuk dapat berkomunikasi sebegitu 'powerful' seperti di zaman digital ini.

Banyak peluang-peluang yang boleh dimanfaatkan melalui teknologi Internet, lebih hebat dari apa yang kita sangkakan. Internet boleh menjana kekayaan, melaluinya kita boleh memperolehi rakan-rakan baru, barangan untuk dibeli dan laman-laman web yang boleh diterokai. A'laa kulli haaal..macam-macam ada!

Nahasnya pun ada, anda harus berhati-hati! walau bagaimanapun jika kita mengamalkan sikap waspada dan berhati-hati Insya Allah, selamat. Install perisian pencegah virus, pasang firewall, berhati-hati dengan scams, awasi kegiatan berinternet anak-anak kita, Insya Allah selamat lah tuu.

Virus komputer yang ada pada hari ini adalah virus maut yang boleh disamakan seperti virus H1NI1, virus-virus ini boleh merebak tanpa sebarang tanda dan cukup merisaukan dan boleh mengakibatkan fatal kepada komputer dan mengakibatkan untung malang kepada pemilik komputer itu sendiri. Untunglah di sana ada jenis manusia baik lagi waras yang bekerja keras sama seperti pengodam komputer untuk menemukan obat penyembuh virus.

Okey, cukup disini pertemuan kita, bertemu lagi dilain waktu.


What is so significant about the Internet? Simply put, Internet is communication and it gives everyone on the planet earth the power to communicate with anyone else provided that they are on the internet too. So that they can stay in touch with anyone else about anything they want, at any time and any place. The most fundamental human attribute is communication. We are always conversing about something, counting written, spoken, drawn, painted, hand-signaled or brand new, coded in electronic waves. Quite the reverse, when we're not talking, we want to be listening. Never before have we had the chance for open communications that we undergo in this new era of digital communication.

Lot of advantages of the Internet that we can put to good use than we can imagine. There is profit to be made, comradeship to be created, product to acquire and places to surf through. quite literally, there is something for everyone.

But be forewarned of those bad guys on the Internet or in another words there is a risk as well, unless you do something to keep your computer from catching viruses in the first place.

Load up your weapons. Install anti virus software, a firewall, watch out for scams, and protect your children and you should be out of danger.

Today's spyware, adware, trojans and all the other kind of malware are all deadly enemies that can be likened to H1N1 influenza virus. They often diffuse without any apparent contact and can be a annoyance or even fatal to your computer. Mercifully, there are good guys toiling just as hard as the bad guys to invent remedy for viruses.

That all there is to it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Calligraphic Door Labels

Calligraphic name of my friends (Door labels sized at15 x 5 inch). The door label's design print to high quality glossy paper and sticked into blue-colored styrofoam

Developing digital pictures and designs at home is costly. Even if you have all the right tools such as a photo quality printer, professional printing paper and ink and the proper software (Adobe photoshop), there is no guarantee that developing digital designs will get you the result you are after. That's why I would prefer to send my digital graphic creation to photo service. First, I created the necessary Jawi calligraphic artworks using a variety of digital tools and techniques, when the artworks were all done I sent them to photo service for developing and printing.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru 2010

Permulaan tahun baru adalah saat yang ideal untuk memulakan sesuatu yang baru. Setiap menjelangnya tahun baru pada 1 Januari masing-masing individu merancang strategi dimana mereka akan merobah kerenah dan perangai negatif. Dalam perkataan lain, ramai orang mengambil kesempatan untuk menjadikan tahun baru sebagai penyebab untuk membina azam baru. Kunci utama untuk merealisasikan resolusi tahun baru ialah untuk meningkatkan kualiti diri untuk menjadi diri yang lebih baik daripada tahun-tahun sebelumnya.

5 Resolusi Tahun Baru 2010 yang berfaedah:

1. Mencitai Al-Quran dengan membaca dan mengamalkan ajarannya. Bacalah Al-Quran walau pun satu ayat sehari, ini adalah lebih baik daripada langsung tidak membaca Al-Quran

2. Sentiasa mengingati Allah dengan perkataan, perbuatan dan pemikiran

3. Sentiasa menambah ilmu pengetahuan untuk meningkatkan kualiti diri dan berkhidmat kepada masyarakat

4. Eratkan hubungan silaturrahim dan amalkan sikap bantu membantu dalam masyarakat

5. Jangan mengumpat sesama rakan taulan

6. Berusaha meningkatkan kualiti keimanan

7. Jangan membuang masa menonton cerita TV dan permainan video


New year is a time for new starting and every new year on Januari 1 everyone start thinking of strategies that they can change what they are unable to stand or in another words many people utilize the beginning of a new year as a cause to get down to make new goals that will stick. The key point of New Year's Resolutions is to change yourself for the better.

Five Worthy New Year Resolutions:

1. Love for the Quran, nuture our heart by reciting the Quran every day. It is best if we read at least an ayah a day because one is better than none.

2. Engage in Allah remembrance (Zikir).

3. Gain knowledge for personal improvement and service to public

4. Strengthen brotherhood and work with others

5. Don't talk behind other people's back

6. Cure weak lazy iman (faith)

7. Not waste hours watching TV and playing video games

Happy changing yourself for the better!