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Monday, August 31, 2009

If you had thirty cents you could order a bowl of soto in the past

I remember, when as a young boy growing up in the seventies I can order a bowl of mee soto ( it is a soup mainly compose of broth, noodle, meats and vegetables) from my school tuck shop for thirty cents only, that was the buying power of thirty cents in 1970. In addition all sweet candies are priced at two for five cents. But these days thirty cents does not buy much.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ingredients for Bersungkai (Breaking the Fast)

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The most common scenario during fasting month of Ramadhan, dinner table is filled with interesting and mouth watering food. When breaking fast muslim are advised to practice moderation. For some, the month of Ramadhan is just like any other muslim calendar, they spend reasonably on breaking their fast and sahur. Islam does not encourage muslim to overspend during Ramadhan because fasting trains muslim to be caring toward the poor. On the contrary if we overspend in Ramadhan the feeling of sympathetic to the needy will become powerless.

Kaligrafi Digital Versi Vector

Sebelum diberi nafas 'Photoshop' khat digital terlebih dahulu disusun menggunakan aplikasi Adobe Illstrator

Salamun Qaulan

'Mereka juga beroleh ucapan salam sejahtera dari Tuhan mereka yang amat mengasihani'
Surah Yasin

I am a bit in a low mood t
oday lah, pasal blog yang aku usahakan baru satu minggu yang lepas telah lesap gara-gara percobaan ku mengubah template yang aku download di Internet semalam. Hancui...so today aku rehat-rehatlah dulu I need some fresh idea about starting my blog from scratch. Hari ini aku banyak meluangkan masa membaca buku 'Soal jawab Remeh-Remeh Tentang Solat Tetapi Anda Malu Bertanya' karangan Ustz Mohammad Nizam Abdul Kadir'. Membaca buku Ustz Mohammad Nizam aku dapat merasakan sekurang-kurangnya my low mood gradually go away. Takpa, aku memujuk diriku supaya bersabar lagipun in Ramadhan it is expected that muslim to be patient, begitulah.. sometime piddling your keyboard and fidgeting your mouse for blogging could be such a pain in the ass. Sweat drop selalunya. Can you see my web counter resets back to its lower digits?