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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tahsinul Khat and Advanced Arabic Calligraphy Workshop

The Islamic Dakwah Center recently held a certificate presentation for its workshop on Tahsinul Khat and Islamic Calligraphy at an advanced level. Three facilitators of Arabic Calligraphy course invited to train participants of 44 people comprising religious teachers, government officials and interested individuals. All course participants had previously completed similar workshops at a basic and intermediary level.

The overall objective of the workshop is to preserve the continuation of writing Jawi as well as Arabic which is considered as part of the Islamic tradition and heritage in Brunei Darussalam, In addition, to promote and broaden the skill and technique applied by professional Arabic calligraphers. Additionally, it was hoped that the workshop would be utilized as a platform for determining talented Arabic and Jawi calligrapher.

Three facilitators of the course invited to train participants over a two-week period were Jasim Mi'raj, Farid Abd Rahim Al-Ali of Kuwait and Abd Baki bin Abu Bakar Malaysia. Present as guest of honour at the event was Dato Seri Setia Haji Mohd Jali bin Abdul Latif from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, who presented certificates and prizes to course participants. Awang Haji Mohd Maskub bin Hj Mohd Hussin receive the Best Award for Kufi and Tuluth calligraphy.

Facilitators of the Arabic Calligraphy Workshop. From left to right: Farid Abd. Rahim (Kuwait), Jasim Mi'raj (Kuwait) and Ustaz Abd Baki bin Abu Bakar (Malaysia)
Farid Abd. Rahim, a facilitator from Kuwait with some participants in the workshop
Ustaz Abd Baki writing 'Nasakh Calligraphy' in Shauqy style on the blackboard Ustaz Abd Baki demonstrating his calligraphy skill

Ustaz Baki imparting his knowledge to his calligraphy students

A participant writing Arabic calligraphy onto a light box

Cikgu Mohd Firdaus practising calligraphy

A section of female participants